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modern diets and

Gourmet Rabbit

Appreciated for centuries in the finest kitchens for it’s high protein and low fat, rabbit is now also prized for its health benefits. This lean white meat lends itself to recipes compatible with modern diets and regimens including Atkins, Keto, Paleo and Mediterranean. It also complements the needs of people with diabetes and auto-immune issues.

Valley Rabbits provides the finest quality product ranging from fryers (whole and parted) to saddles and legs. We supply some of the finest restaurants in Western Washington at the forefront of the “farm to table” movement.

Ground rabbit back in stock

Our ground rabbit is in constant demand and very popular with discerning home chefs as well as pet owners who know the huge benefits of this protein source.

Perfect for small scale sustainable farming

Since 2016 our family has been dedicated to hand raising our rabbits in a stress free environment, without hormones and antibiotics.

Our proprietary feed includes the nutrient rich grasses we grow using the rabbits’ manure to fertilize our land. This creates a “closed loop ecosystem” in which we produce, process and package our rabbit meat certified by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

If you’re not completely satisfied, we will refund 100% of your purchase. Click the following Seattle Times article to learn more about us.

Seattle Times Visits Valley Farmstead

We spent the afternoon meeting with Seattle Times and sharing our vision for future food systems.